Mobile CCTV Security Surveillance South Africa

Mobile cctv trailers in South Africa can be a cheaper solution for site security. These units can be rented for as long as your company needs. Whether employed to monitor an event or construction site, they offer surveillance for a fraction of the cost of 24 hour static security guards.

mobile cctv trailer south africa

Construction sites and equipment yards

Construction sites are prime targets for thieves. Often the sites are located in remote areas, making it easier to enter unseen. Low-quality locks may be used. Staff may forget to lock up. Equipment is easily accessible, and often one key will unlock all equipment.

As criminals continue to target high-value construction equipment, protecting these tools is something that, unfortunately, must remain a high priority for all construction equipment owners.

Construction sites pop up as temporary installations. Setting up a permanent surveillance system would be expensive and become obsolete once the project is completed. A mobile surveillance security trailer can accomplish your security needs in a cost-effective manner.


A full staff compliment of security guards is usually hired for large outdoor events.Employing these individuals comes with a high price tag. Furthermore even the most vigilant team can’t see everything. Mobile security surveillance trailers can reach 12 feet high to monitor all activity. Whether it’s spotting fights, pickpockets or finding lost children, a mobile surveillance trailer will offer a superior 360-degree view of your event.

Mobile cctv trailers can also be deployed at disasters like flooding or fires. In additon they can be used at special events like VIP visits from national or overseas delegations. Furthermore they can be deployed at the Iron Man Challenge, NMBM Splash Festival or other sporting events in South Africa.

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