Mobile CCTV options range from vehicle systems to sophisticated trailer systems.

Mobile CCTV cameras can both complement, and reduce traditional static security guard requirements, mobile patrols and fixed CCTV Cameras. These units are independent mobile CCTV stations that are capable of recording and transmitting active alarms and live footage across Long Range Wi-Fi.

Trailer cameras have their own internal on-board computer and network video recorder. These recorders can be remotely and securely accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Live footage can be viewed and monitored with event recording, alarm warnings, sirens and lights, whist also allowing simultaneous password secure viewing by third parties, locally or remotely.

mobile cctv

Trailer cameras are truly autonomous units that uses 100% solar powered technology. An onboard fully integrated generator provides a back-up charging capability. A mains power connection is also available as required.

Trailer cameras are self-sufficient in operation for months on end, without human interaction or mains power availability. One of the many advantages of these mobile cctv systems is their application of high definition megapixel digital cameras which provide a substantially higher image quality in both day and night scenarios.

Mobile cctv trailers are supported by infrared, laser or thermal cameras. All units are  fitted with a PA speaker system that enables remote verbal warnings.

Why use a Mobile CCTV Trailer Cam?

Mobile CCTV trailer cameras are extremely versatile. It allows you to locate and relocate your CCTV devices wherever you need them and monitor them remotely.

This allows the flexibility to adapt to both your security and business needs. The remote surveillance software includes a wide range of monitoring and reviewing capabilities, giving you better security outcomes.

With no locked in contracts trailer cameras can be deployed to satisfy your security and surveillance requirements. Mobile CCTV units are extremely cost effective at 25% of the cost of a 24 hour static guard.