Home Security South Africa:

Planning for a smart home security system isn’t all that tough. You just need to make sure that you think about some of the small details and then think through how fixed or flexible you’d like the installation fittings to be.

Installation of a smart home security system can be fairly difficult. Customers can always rely on the help of our expert consultants to get you through it.

Here are a few things you should think through while you’re in the process of adding a smart home security system to your space.

Where do you want your Home security system to be?

It’s a very simple question, but do you want an indoor system, an outdoor system, or both? 

If you just want an indoor camera system, there are a small handful of options out there for you. IP Cameras are often single camera setups that are no larger than a smartphone. These cameras can be suspended or placed discreetly within your home. They plug in and then require you to download an app and sync the camera up to your network. There are a lot of different IP camera options out there. Do some research before you commit to buying one. Before setting up your camera systems you also need to be aware of privacy laws in South Africa. 

How Many Cameras Will You Need ?

It’s also worth thinking about how many cameras you want. If you’re running a dual indoor/outdoor system, you can get a full system in one swoop and don’t have to build each one at a time. There are systems that range from 2 all the way to 16 cameras. 4 cameras seem to be common for a residential outdoor setup, so that you can capture something in every corner of the house. However, if you have a lot of other attachments to the home (like a garage) or your home has a back alleyway (or other areas of concern), you may want to consider a 6 or 8 camera system.

home security south africa

Picking the right system for outside of your home

It’s true that security camera systems come in all shapes and sizes, but a major factor that should come into play with your decision to choose a security system is where you live. If you live on a wet and rainy west coast, you need to pick a good security system that is capable of handling the weather. Furthermore one of the things you absolutely need to do in conducting your security system research is understand the climates in which the camera can both perform and fail.

Just about every outdoor camera system has been Ingress Protection rated for all sorts of crazy weather. So short of a hurricane, most systems are built to perform in rain or snow. However, it’s the extreme climates in which the cameras tend to fail or shut down. If you are unsure which is the best choice for you, contact us for some friendly advice.

home security south africa

home security south africa