Pros and Cons of Dummy Spy Cams

Whether you operate a retail store and want to minimize theft or feel as if someone is stealing from your own home, you may want to take action. You will likely head to the internet searching for hidden cameras, also known as spy cams. Unfortunately, the price may leave you surprised. Quality hidden spy cameras can cost hundreds of dollars.

If you want to purchase spy gadgets, but are operating with limited financial resources, you may opt for a dummy camera. This type of camera is otherwise known as a fake camera. They are available for sale online and in many local retail stores, but are they the right choice for you? To decide, examine their pros and cons.

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The Pros of Fake Spy Cameras

They are cheap. As previously stated, a functioning spy cam can easily cost at least R400 or more. On the other hand, a fake camera can cost as little as R80,00. Not all hidden spy cameras are expensive. If you do opt for a fake camera, look at the features. Some professionals can look right at a camera and tell if it is a fake within minutes. A regular blinking light may help.

They may deter theft. As previously stated, these cameras are fake. They do not record. This may seem like a huge downside, but it all depends on your needs. If you are a retail storeowner, a fake camera will do the trick. Put the camera in plain sight and let your employees and customers know they are being watched. You can do so with a sign by the door. Most cannot even tell that the camera does not work. In this aspect, a fake camera may deter theft. Those who can’t tell the difference will be none the wiser.

They are easy to install. Since these cameras are fake, there is very little installation required. For example, small dome cameras can literally just stick to the ceiling. It really is as simple as that. Large dome cameras may involve cutting a small hole in the ceiling, but this is easy with removable tiles, like those found in retail stores. For the easiest installation, carefully look at the box or the online product description. Since the cameras do not work, get the best value for your money and time. In other words purchase a low cost fake camera that is easy to install.

The Cons of Fake Spy Cameras

They do not record. Since these dummy cameras are fake, they may be useless to you. Once again, it all depends on your needs. If you are trying to catch a cheating spouse, you need to catch them in the act. For this, you need to have a functioning camera that records and allows you to review the recordings. These cameras are best for those who know or think they are being watched.

dummy spy cam gauteng

As you can see, fake spy cameras have their pros and cons. So, are they right for you? It all depends on your wants and needs. If you are trying to spy on someone to catch them in the act, like a stealing neighbor or a cheating spouse, opt for the real thing. However, you want someone to know you are watching, to deter action, a fake dummy camera may do the trick.