Cruise Liners Are Making Use Of CCTV Systems

Cruise liners are moving towns with all the security essentials of a normal town. These massive ships have an extensive variety of areas that need to be monitored which makes their surveillance systems distinctive. When you consider that you need to observe restaurants, guest rooms, casinos, decks, pools, spas, gyms, shops and a lot more, you get to better understand the intricacy of cruise liners safety needs.

cruise liners cctv systems

Ship Surveillance CCTV Benefits

Crime Deterrence – Visual surveillance cameras throughout the cruise ship help to deter crime and theft. In addition, it also helps to provide comprehensive surveillance recording to investigators when events occur.

Missing Traveler – Unfortunately there have been cases of missing passengers on cruise liners. CCTV cameras have proven to be effective in helping to solve missing persons or abducted individuals.

Liabilities – Security cameras help to reduce cruise liner liability claims in cases involving accidents, crimes and other incidents by providing visual documentation.

Employee Monitoring – Keeping employees under surveillance is vital to refining training and day to day operations.

cruise liners cctv systems


Terrorism Threats – Cruise liners are vulnerable to terrorism threats. Professional security cameras can help to indentify suspicious activity and even prevent possible terrorist plots.

Loss Reduction – Retail shops, casinos and bars can use cctv to reduce losses from theft.

Privacy Concerns – All public areas of a cruise ship should have surveillance camera coverage but private areas such as bathrooms and passenger accommodations should be treated as off limits.