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Trigger time – is your camera a sharp shooter?

If you need the camera to capture moving vehicles, it’s worth paying attention to the trigger time, or how long it takes to snap an image or footage.

If you’re interested in capturing people and slow moving or parked vehicles, a 1-2 second start-up like the popular ScoutGuard SG55OV8-HD (about 1.3 seconds trigger time) will meet your needs for around R3500.

A bonus of this model is its small size – about 13 x 8 x 5cm, and ultra-low power consumption, so a set of AA batteries should last more than 80 days or about 5000 images. The camera will take up to three shots per trigger, or a programmed amount of video (1-60 seconds).

If you need a faster trigger time, for example to capture moving vehicles, a model like the Reconyx HyperFire might be an option, with it’s super-fast 1/5 of a second trigger speed.

The Reconyx, which starts at R7680, incorporates rapid-fire technology that can capture up to two frames per second and has a battery life of up to 40,000 images.

Working on the night moves – low profile cameras for night footage

If things that go bump in the night are your biggest concern, the Uway VH200HD is specifically designed as a black flash camera. Therefore there will  be no red glow to alert people their image is being taken.

For this reason, the Uway is a popular option for security use in and around sheds, in fuel storage areas and on machinery.


With a 1 second trigger speed it’s quick off the mark and produces high quality 8MP photos.

This model can take more than 10,000 images on 12 AA lithium batteries and can also record sound in video mode, with night footage clear to 10m and beyond.