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CCTV South Africa installers are always looking at numerous ways to use motion detector cameras for security. One of the most modern ways to use such devices is to connect them to a secondary monitor such as your smart phone and a driveway alarm. Motion detecting solutions can also be set up through use of lights. A well-lit home can help deter potential thieves from attempting to break in.

Choosing a Motion Sensor Security Camera

There is a wide range of sensor and camera types. CCTV South Africa manufacturers have a number of options. Some cameras can be installed out in the open in order to discourage criminal behaviour. Other cameras can be hidden in order to catch criminals in the act. Most are powered by electricity or batteries. A motion detector hidden camera is designed to capture perpetrators in the act, while an outdoor motion detector camera can act as a deterrent.

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Video Motion Sensor Cameras

These types of cameras save battery power and memory by activating only when there is movement in the targeted area. Some cameras can also be programmed to activate and record between specific times.

Cameras with a Built-In Alarm

When choosing a video motion sensor for monitoring purposes, a useful addition can be a built-in alarm. A message can be sent to a contracted security service when there is a break in. Law enforcement officials can also use the images/video recorded by the camera.

Wireless Alarms For Your Driveway

Those of you who want to protect your home from possible annoyances and intrusions, never miss out on a home delivery, or always be aware of someone coming up your driveway – should invest in a wireless driveway alarm. There are a variety of different styles, with each one offering you a truly unique and innovative way to keep up with what’s going on around your property.

You can get either wireless or handheld models, which vary in detection ranges, from the average 1,000 feet for small driveways to the larger driveways which span 2 miles or more. Some models will warn you of visitors with tones, while others use prerecorded messages. The more advanced models on the other hand, well you communicate with visitors through the use of an intercom system, which you install at the end of your driveway.


All types of wireless driveway alarms feature a receiver and a transmitter. Any presence in your driveway is detected by the transmitter, normally through infrared equipment, which notifies you through the receiver. Most models will allow you to speak through the receiver, transmitting your voice through the transmitter. If a solicitor or burglary is trying to visit your home, your voice is normally all it takes to turn them around in the other direction.

Even though the technical name is “wireless driveway alarm”, there are several uses for this technology. You can install the equipment in your yard, out of plain view, or even use the system as an intercom for anyone who pulls up to your gate. You can also install the system on your roof, or just use it strategically around your property. There are several uses for wireless systems. 

Setting Up Your Alarm

When you set up your wireless driveway system, you should always place it somewhere where it isn’t easy to see. You don’t want someone who visits your property to have plain view of your equipment, as it can easily give you away. Instead, you want to make sure that you are alert of any visitors, yet they aren’t aware that you are using any type of alarms. Before setting up your camera systems you need to always be aware of privacy laws in South Africa. 

Depending on your budget, systems that you can choose from will vary. There are simple wireless driveway alarms out there, yet there are also systems that can do just about anything you want. If you live in a suburban area, you may want to go with a standard wireless alarm. Standard alarms are best for this type of neighborhood, as they are easy to install and will immediately alert you whenever there is presence on your property. Another great thing about these types of systems is the fact that you can act immediately without having to physically be in touch with the receiver.


All in all, wireless driveway alarms are a great security measure for anyone who owns a home. You can get a slew of features as well, depending on the type of alarm that you select. You can install most alarms yourself. Wireless driveway alarms are a great investment that will alert you anytime someone decides to visit your property. If you need more information visit this cctv blog site.

If your budget is a bit tight, you can always consider installing dummy spy cameras

cctv south africa