Mobile CCTV options range from vehicle systems to sophisticated trailer systems. 


mobile cctv







Mobile CCTV cameras can both complement, and reduce traditional static security guard requirements, mobile patrols and fixed CCTV Cameras. These units are independent mobile CCTV stations that are capable of recording and transmitting active alarms and live footage across Long Range Wi-Fi.



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How To Plan Your Smart Home Security System









Planning for a smart home security system isn’t all that tough. You just need to make sure that you think about some of the small details and then think through how fixed or flexible you’d like the installation fittings to be.Here are a few things you should think through while you’re in the process of adding a smart home security system to your space.



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Guide to the Types of CCTV Cameras in the Market










When it comes to CCTV cameras, there is a variety of choices.Wireless CCTV:  Wireless security cameras are popular because of their small size and easy-set-up options. The is no need to run meters and meters of cable to receive a picture. As long as the cameras are in close proximity to wireless receivers you should receive crystal clear images.



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Famous Crimes That Were Solved Using CCTV Footage









Surveillance cameras have become an important crime solving tool in the last 10 years. In nearly seven out of 10 murders, cctv footage has been used to help solve the crime. Fortunately for law enforcement investigators, criminals don’t seem to be wising up to the presence of surveillance at crime scenes.



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