The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Spy Gadgets

Do you want to spy on someone? If so, you may turn to the latest spy gadgets. If this is your first time buying these helpful devices, continue reading on for a few buying tips.

DO know you can buy spy gadgets both locally and online.

Many consumers believe spy gadgets are only available for sale online. They aren’t. If you live in a large city, you may have a specialty spy or hobby store nearby. If not, most department stores, media stores, and electronic stores sell devices that can double as spy gadgets, like remote activated webcams.

DON’T buy the first spy gadget you come across.

If you want to answer a bothersome question, like if a spouse is cheating or if your teenager is stealing money from you, you want proof and right away. This is okay, but be wise. Do not buy the first spy gadget you come across. They come in many different formats. You can use audio recorders, video recorders, motion sensors with alarms, and much more. Some devices are even hidden in everyday items, like pens or purses.

DO check the tools and toys you have at home.

As previously stated, some webcams can be activated and viewed from a remote location. Many webcams have these features, but some owners don’t know they exist. The same with MP3 players. Some have built-in microphones that can be used as voice recorders. Hidden digital cameras are nice, but why not use your traditional digital camera? Just practice safe use and you can get away snapping photographs without detection. All parents should check their kid’s toy bins. You may be surprised how many toys, such as spy scopes, binoculars, and telescopes can double as spy gadgets.

DON’T buy a spy gadget without reading reviews first.

Many consumers mistakenly believe that all products are created equal. They are not. All voice recorders should pickup nearby sounds. Some do an amazing job, but others you can’t hear anything due to too much background noise. Never buy a spy gadget, especially an expensive one without reading reviews first.

DO ask questions.

Most specialty spy shops, whether it is online or in storefront locations, have knowledgeable staff members. In fact, spying and using these gadgets is likely a hobby for workers. Most are educated on the gadgets sold. Pick their brains. Don’t be afraid to ask an associate for help or recommendations. You may also get helpful spying tips.

DON’T have an online ordered spy gadget sent to your home if you cannot be there for delivery.

This is very important if you are spying on someone in your home, like a spouse, or a neighbor. Some delivery companies leave packages with anyone in the home and even neighbors! This is the quickest way to be caught. You aren’t spying yet, but your intentions are known. If you cannot be there for delivery, arrange to have the item delivered to your work, a friend’s house, or pickup the package at the local office.

DO be careful with how you pay for spy gadgets.

Once again, if you are spying on someone in your home, there is a chance you will get caught before the spying starts! This is common with receipts and credit card statements. If buying spy gadgets locally, pay with cash and hide the receipt. If buying online, don’t use a joint credit card. If you do, intercept the statement before your spouse is able to view the itemized list of stores.

DON’T use spy gadgets that are easy to spot.

As previously stated, read reviews first. They save both time and money. Closely examine pictures. Can you see the pinhole camera in the picture? Your target may see it too. If you order and receive a spy device that is easy to spot, do not use it. Return it or buy another. Spying looks like a lot of fun, but it can be very dangerous. Don’t let a poor quality or designed product put you in danger.