Blog Guide to the Types of CCTV Cameras in the Market

When it comes to CCTV cameras, there is a variety of choices.

Wireless CCTV:  Wireless security cameras are popular because of their small size and easy-set-up options. The is no need to run meters and meters of cable to receive a picture. As long as the cameras are in close proximity to wireless receivers you should receive crystal clear images.









Indoor and outdoor cameras: Both outdoor and indoor cameras come with comparable image capture features. Outdoor cameras must however be of a superior quality in order to withstand changing weather conditions. Outdoor cameras can sometimes be defenceless against vandalism, so they are usually made from stronger metal materials. Indoor cameras are smaller and more lightweight, while offering the same features as outdoor cameras. Homeowners should install both types of cameras to satisfy all their security needs.

Night vision cameras: Infrared and night vision cameras are used to capture images at night. These cameras rely on thermal imaging to capture night images. While night vision cameras work efficiently in the dark, they are sometimes too restrictive in that they cannot detect distant objects.











Vari-Focal Cameras : These cameras offer variable focal length to magnify certain images for better flexibility. The only drawback is that they reduce your angle of viewing and level of detail.

Pan and Tilt cameras offer zoom control and remote direction, equipping homeowners with greater viewing flexibility. Most PTZ cameras can zoom up to 36 times with their optical zoom lens.

panand tilt







Dummy or fake cameras: These cameras are non-functional varieties used to fool burglars into thinking your home is monitored. The drawback is that break-ins will not actually be monitored.

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