Added Benefits Of Installing A CCTV System

The added benefits of installing a cctv system are numerous. Because of this cctv security cameras are being installed across the country. In some cases cctv cameras are being upgraded with the latest technology. Whether it’s in townships  or in South African shopping malls, more and more CCTV security cameras are being put into use by both police departments and private individuals.

added benefits of installing a cctv system

Cctv has been in use by private businesses and home owners for some years now. The technology has become more affordable. Home owners, Landlords and small business owners can now line their buildings with functional security camera set ups.

Many people ask if security cameras actually deter crime. Statistical analysis shows that surveillance cameras, have reduced crime by fifty percent in some areas. Murders declined by roughly two thirds their previous rate. Rapes were reduced by almost a third. In addition robberies saw a sharp drop to half their previous rate in some business warehouses and car dealerships.

Still with the proven states and positive reviews for installing security cameras in homes people are still reluctant to do anything about upgrading their security until such time a real problem occurs. More often than not we tend to think that locks and other old systems for home security is enough, but it is not.

Besides the added protection a security camera system provides there is also the additional advantage of cameras alerting you to other dangers such as fires on your property.

added benefits of installing a cctv system

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